Our Hotel Reservation Service

In the latest 10 years Riccione underwent a requalification process which involved several fields.

A new seaside, one of Italy’s most spectaculars, has been realized; Palariccione, for meetings and MICE event is born, as well as new sport facilities suitable for welcoming international events.

The town drive-ability has been adjusted in order to make the traffic flowing, especially during high season or when important events take place.
Today you hardly get stuck in a queue on the street!

Thematic parks such as Aquafan and Oltremare are still on the rise thanks to their ability in catching and interpreting new trends, involving the coolest artists of the moment!

All of this comes with the desire of the hotel owners of modernizing their accommodation facilities.
It’s about not only a structure renovation of the hotels (wider rooms, more comfortable furniture, new internal spas and gyms) but a marketing turn as well!
Hotels are more and more focused on their mission, be it business, family, bike, design, pet friendly or something else.
Specialization leads to an increase of the service level, which means happier guests!

These hotel keepers’ work, in addition to improving the single facility’s brand reputation, has largely contributed in strenghtening the brand of Riccione, a town which today is perceived as provided with high quality and diversified hotel services.

For all of these hotels the details cure, the passion for the services and the willingness towards guests represent a common mindset.

At Promhotels we have selected the most interesting facilities, for every budget level and any kind of necessities.

Thanks to the strength coming from our privileged collaboration with the partner hotels, we can offer a valuable technic-logistic support for hotel availability, putting at our clients’ disposal an efficient central accommodation booking service.