You have the choice, we have the pleasure of letting you choose

The main locations we offer you for a guarateed successful events are:

Spectacular meeting halls in our best hotels on the beach

The hotels of the Riccione Congressi circuit, with halls and dedicated facilities, are particularly suitable for small and medium sized events requiring the maximum optimization of budget and resources.


Via Virgilio 17, Riccione – RN

Riccione’s Convention Palace promotes a man-sized congressional style.
It is one of the few facilities of its kind, in Europe, located in a city’s heart and having, in a range of 500 meters, dozens of high quality hotels, classy restaurants, fashionable boutiques, trendy clubs: all of them are walking distance and few steps from the beach.

– 30 m from Riccione’s train station
– 450 m from the beach
– 700 m from Viale Dante
– 450 m from Viale Ceccarini
– 2700 m from Riccione’s highway exit

Tourism Palace

Piazzale Ceccarini 11, Riccione – RN

The historical events palace of Riccione is located in the city center, among the beating heart of the shopping avenues and few meters from the beach.
Its modular halls are suitable for conventions and meetings up to 200 participants.
At the end of the working day a nice walk on the seaside, perhaps barefoot, is mandatory!

– 500 m from Riccione’s train station
– 550 m from the beach
– 700 m from Viale Dante
– 450 m from Viale Ceccarini
– 2750 m from Riccione’s highway exit

Palaterme Riccione

Via Torino 4, Riccione – RN

As suggested by its name, Palaterme is located in the area of Perle D’Acqua, the wellness thermal park 50 meters far from the beach.
It is surrounded by a garden 4 hectares large with tall trees and can accommodate more than 700 people.
This facility is completely air-conditioned and particularly versatile: it’s suitable both for entertainment events, music and theatre shows and headquarters for sports events.

– 1600 m from Riccione’s train station
– 10 m from the beach
– 2200 m from Viale Dante
– 1800 m from Viale Ceccarini
– 4000 m from Riccione’s highway exit

Oltremare/Aquafan Park

Viale Ascoli Piceno 6, Riccione – RN

They’re one of a kind locations, so they’re the better choice if you want an original, highly customized and exclusive event.
Conventions, company events, business meetings, catwalks, concerts and suggestive dinners are only some of the uncountable possibilities offered by the spaces of the amusement parks Oltremare and Aquafan.

– 2100 m from Riccione’s train station
– 2700 m from the beach
– 3200 m from Viale Dante
– 2100 m from Viale Ceccarini
– 1900 m from Riccione’s highway exit

Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli

Via Dijiro Kato 10, Misano Adriatico – RN

This is our autodrome, venue of important and international motorcycling and automotive events.
More and more often chosen by companies as spectacular location for their meetings, conventions, exciting incentive and team building events.

– 6500 m from Riccione’s train station
– 4000 m from the beach
– 6700 m from Riccione
– 7600 m from Riccione’s highway exit

Rimini's Convention Palace

Via della Fiera 23, Rimini

This is a futuristic and extremely modular facility, with 9000 seats and 39 halls!
The palace was designed according to strict sustainability standards, accessibility and a modern design, aiming for a natural lighting and focusing on made in Italy furnishing.
It is provided with 500 indoor car seats and several parking in the nearby, besides a terminal suitable for 10 buses.
This location is perfect for large sized events.

– 2000 m from Rimini’s train station
– 2500 m from the beach
– 500 m from Riccione
– 1500 m from Rimini Sud’s highway exit

Rimini's Fair Hall

Via Emilia 155, Rimini – RN

Rimini’s Fair Hall meets, both with its facility and its organization, conventions’ and exhibitions’ necessities of any kind and size.
It can host highly participated events and conventions as it can welcome more than 25000 people at a time.

– 50 m from Rimini Fiera’s train station
– 900 m from the beach
– 13700 m from Viale Dante
– 5200 m from the Rimini Nord’s motorway exit

San Patrignano

Via San Patrignano 53, Coriano – RN

San Patrignano (Rimini) hosts 1300 people for free and leads them in a program for addiction recovery, lasting about 4 years and focused on the education and professional training of the residents.
More than 30 education fields are operative and, thanks to them, the hosts get their dignity back and gain skills for their future job.
San Patrignano offers events, training and experiences in its locations:

Visit to the Community for discovering, guided by the residents, a one of a kind reality in Italy and in the world, a place that made, and keeps making, the history of social institutions.

Company Volunteering in order to offer, to companies and their employees, the opportunity to spend one day with the hosts and their personal stories.

Company Welfare Prevention through prevention shows and studies about youth disease, addressed to the companies’ employees and their relatives.

Location renting for events: facilities immersed in the hills and built in natural material where conventions, meetings and exhibitions can be hosted.

Restaurants for gala dinners to be remembered: from the handpainted dining room to suggestive and unique locations.

Sponsored events arranged by San Patrignano and acknowledged by the Italian and European convention scene. There are also unique occasions for companies to improve their visibility in the field of corporate social responsibility.

– 10000 m from Rimini’s train station
– 10500 m from the beach
– 10400 m from Riccione
– 7200 m from Rimini Sud’s highway exit